From the brightly coloured “buzz” of the Bee to the “Badass” Madass, Sachs is not shy in the marketing department.

But with more than 120 years of history behind it (claiming the mantle of the oldest two-wheel manufacturer in the business), this German brand can also walk the walk.

Sachs produces about 30,000 motorcycles and scooters a year, with about a third made in Nuremberg.

The company produces the budget SX1 in China to keep costs down, but assures customers the highest standard of German engineering in the lightweight 50cc two-stroke scooter.

In the UK, you can also buzz around on the Bee in either the fuel miserly 50cc or the more powerful, but not much more expensive, 125cc (above).

While it is debatable whether or not the Madass falls into the scooter category (it certainly looks more like a bike), it can be ridden by anyone over 16 on a moped licence in the UK. Licensing conditions vary in Australia, so you need to check in your state or territory before getting too carried away.

In Australia, scooter fans can also test drive the Sachs City 125cc or 150cc, boasting retro styling, optimum performance and three colour choices; or the Sachs Dash range, which offers 50cc, 125cc and 150cc options, depending on what you want out of your scooter.

See the full range of Sachs scooters available in Australia.

See the full range of Sachs scooters In the UK, all of which come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.